Explore your senses
Connect with the natural

SENSE is for us synonymous with commitment.

We believe that the most important values ​​when acquiring a
real estate or making an investment are those that last over time.

From the first meeting to the delivery of the unit, we want
that our clients feel content and represented.

Transparency in the whole process, warmth in the treatment and empathy to
understand what each one needs from us.

Live the SENSE experience.

Take the time to explore your senses and get started
from now on to enjoy a SENSE space for you.

We build with values.





La Barra

It is characterized by its beaches that allow all kinds of sports activities. Currently, the place has its own style, with colorful houses and an important movement in the summer time derived from art galleries, antique shops, restaurants, pubs and discotheques for various audiences.

The reserve

A natural environment that has 60 hectares of forest and 400 meters of coastline. It is located on the White lagoon where a great variety of aquatic birds live.

Bikini Beach

One of the most popular beaches. The large crowd encourages various activities that take place in the afternoon, from surfing and aerobics classes. There are also promotional events, fashion shows, live DJs and drink bars.

Montoya Beach

It is a wide beach located on Route 10, in La Barra, 13 km from the center of Punta del Este, with white sands, rock formations and high waves where sports such as Surf are usually practiced.

Manantiales Beach

Exclusive beach whose deep waters, sand mattress and waves are reminiscent of paradisiacal resorts. It is preferred by different celebrities, very popular for the practice of nautical sports as well as volleyball, aerobic gymnastics and surfing.

Cactus and Fish Restaurant

Se encuentra ubicado a metros de la Playa Bikini. Cuenta con una decoración bien natural y una carta donde se destacan los pescados y mariscos. Todos los productos frescos son cosechados en la propia huerta del restaurante.